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First Unanimous Church of Dawn

Join our life-affirming Fellowship, we have delicious Kool-Aid!

A Dawn Rae
If you know me, you know about me. If you don't know me, that is your horrible loss and I feel just awful for you. If you want to befriend me (or lurk on my journal, see below), introduce yourself via private message, and I will seriously consider adding you. Random friending will get you nowhere, unless I already recognize you through mutual friends or the asperger community.

I value honesty and banish people for lying.

[EDIT 14 October 2012] I have had to make this journal friends-only, as I have acquired a stalker by the name of David Baker, who seems to think that he is owed a place in my life, whether I want him there or not. Until I can be certain that he is gone, once and for all, I must keep my life as private as possible. I apologize to those who have been lurking freely on my journal, I would love to permit you to continue, but to do so, you will have to come out of the shadows and send me a message stating your wish to be added. As an added bonus, you will be privy to the juicier (and sometimes just more bizarre) bits of my journal, which have always been friends-only.